traditional, delicious, sustainable, nutritious
this is mindful nourishment
Traditionally prepared artisanal bone broth, slow-simmered for 24+ hours to preserve the healthy vitamins, minerals and collagen released from the bones, for ultimate nourishment.
Premium slow/soul food staple, made convenient for people who want to know where their food comes from, how it’s prepared and how their consumption impacts the environment.
Sustainable ingredients, sourced exclusively from Ontario’s finest organic and ecological family farms. Each batch is traceable back to the farm and ingredients used.
Rich in flavour for a premium culinary base in soups sauces, gravy, use as a substitute cooking liquid for rice, grains and pasta, or simply season and sip.

Available in the freezer section of over 200 health food, speciality grocers, seasonal markets and farm gates across Ontario.

So many ways to enjoy our Bone Broth

Gently heat, add your favourite seasonings and sip from a mug.
Add water to serve as a base for soups and stews, or as a substitute cooking liquid for rice, grains and pasta.
Braise and sauté vegetables to boost flavour and nutrition, reduce to create sauces and gravy.

Stock Exchange Mindful Nourishment Inc. partners with family farms who specialize in regenerative agriculture. Their passion to grow nutrient dense food and their commitment to nurture Ontario’s diverse ecosystem, has formed the base of our artisan kitchen since 2015. xo